Russian Academy of Sciences

Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

Planned seminars

Quantum simulation of Luttinger liquid physics in Josephson transmission lines

25 January, Thursday, tomorrow in 11:30 in Kapitza Institute

Vladimir Manucharyan (University of Maryland)

Differential Poisson's ratio of a crystalline two-dimensional membrane

26 January, Friday, the day after tomorrow in 11:30 at scientific council

I.S. Burmistrov


Pozdravlyaem Alekseya Aleksandrovicha Starobinskogo s prisvoeniem emu zvaniya Ofitsera natsional’nogo Ordena Akademicheskikh Pal’m (Officier dans l’Ordre national des Palmes Académiques, Frantsiya) za ego neotsenimyi vklad v ukreplenie nauchnogo sotrudnichestva i obmena mezhdu nashimi stranami.

Our congratulations to Lev N. Shchur with his election as an APS Fellow “for innovative use of computer simulations and the development of superior random number generators for their use in statistical physics”.

Pozdravlyaem Aleksandra Yur’evicha Kamenshchika s prisuzhdeniem Premii imeni A.A. Fridmana 2017 za tsikl rabot «Novye napravleniya v kosmologii rannei i sovremennoi Vselennoi».

Our congratulations to Paul B. Wiegmann, laureate of The 2017 Lars Onsager Prize "for the pioneering discovery of the exact solution of the Kondo and Anderson models, opening a new field of exact treatments of quantum impurity systems". For more information see site of The Lars Onsager Prize.